We are in XXXX

Dear colleagues,

After our first go-live phase on December 19, we continued our journey to prepare the full cut-over.
During Chinese New Year, we migrated all the transnational data from the old system to the new SAP system (PE1) and integrated the XXX Controller operation without any business interruption.
For risk mitigation, we consecutively ramped up in steps - On February 4, 5 and 6 with goods receiving, pre-assembly and final assembly in operation respectively.

At present, there are 250 active users operating in the new system and over 400 operators working with the new infrastructure and improved processes.

We are very happy that after more than one year of hard work - aligning, harmonizing, designing, building and testing - the New SAP system is now in full operation. It covers all end-to-end processes and an array of departments from Sales, Engineering, Planning, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Industrialization, Quality to Finance.

There were intense times where each of us felt swamped and overwhelmed – however, all of the project members stayed on top of everything and worked very hard in order to achieve our targets and keep the tight timeline.

Hats off to the whole project team for their exceptional efforts and outstanding "CollaborAction".
With joint forces we made this project a success.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to all team members!

David, XXXX Project Sponsor:
"I am proud and grateful to the project team for this achievement. I love the way the team has been working together. With a clear mind and focus, not hesitating to tackle obstacles and working in a fun atmosphere.
Very well done. This illustrates a role model of leadership and great teamwork. Let us enjoy using our new tool, let us practice it with confidence. Let us keep XXXX clean and tidy and always focused on the business needs."

Please join us in wishing XXX lots of satisfaction using our new SAP system which supports us in defending our leading position in the industry with further efficiency improvement.
We will continue the journey and roll out XXXX project in the whole escalator supply chain with Europe coming online by the end of this year.